Closing Eyes to a Negative Past,

Opening Hearts to a Positive Future

Who are we?

We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization on a mission to treat, educate, and empower transitional aged homeless youth in South Los Angeles.

Our vision is to build a national nonprofit coalition dedicated to the development of innovative, effective, and sustainable social service programs that prevents and treats homelessness.

Our core values includes Trust, Compassion, Community, Respect, and Accountability.

Total Homeless Transitional Aged Youth in Los Angeles


Shelter Providers in the Los Angeles Continuum of Care Reports

Site LAHSA 2017 Homeless Youth Count

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Substance Abuse

Developmental Disability

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Site LAHSA 2017 Homeless Youth Count

How You Can Help ?

How You Can Help ?


As a donor supporting C.E.O.H’s effort, you will be able to identify, learn about and contribute to our local programs , while playing an active role in helping to leverage your donation to increase the impact of your gift. Together, in a single day we have an opportunity to raise millions of dollars for under privileged youth.


We will have close to 200 volunteer shifts on Oct 3 at many locations across Los Angeles. At each location, volunteers will work in shifts, encouraging shoppers to donate to C.E.O.H via in person and online giving. We will provide our volunteers with the tools to succeed – training, C.E.O.H t-shirts and goodies to provide to individuals who donate.


C.E.O.H works with individuals, companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations to start C.E.O.H giveback clubs that forwards the agencies mission. Donations are raised for the local community center and blog updates of positive change and impact are added weekly to than the organization website.


Corporations and their employees, along with donors, can work together to support the nonprofit infrastructure. Corporations can also become sponsors and/or funders of matching gifts and prizes, as well as encourage their employees to give.

Events Gallery

Rev. Kathryn McCullough Former Mayor and City Council person for over 20 years in the City of Lake Forest, was the First Black City Council Person in Orange County’s History and First Black Female Mayor in Orange County. Mayor McCullough brings her humbling credentials and experience to Closed Eyes Open Heart’s Board. Mayor McCullough will help consult other Board members and leadership. Kathryn McCullough

Board Member

I helped found C.E.O.H for a simple reason of helping people. I come from a long lineage of a family dedicated to the field of philanthropy. I have been rooted in the proper development of a passion of philanthropy and assisting the community. I will lead C.E.O.H into the positive future of success of being a advocate in educating and empowering the community. Jason Tyler McCullough

Founder, Closed Eyes Open Heart Foundation

Contact Us


3651 S. La Brea Ave. Suite 671 Los Angeles, CA 90016

Phone Number

(213) 444-6076


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