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Closed Eyes Open Heart

Assist – Educate – Empower

Our Vision
Closed Eyes Open Heart (C.E.O.H.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on a mission to
alleviate youth homelessness in SPA 6 by enhancing their well-being and long-term lifestyle
sustainability. We are committed to implementing innovative and effective programs to assist,
educate, and empower (T.A.Y) Transitional Aged Homeless Youth between ages 16 and 25.
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CEOH Empowerment Center Spring 2021

11874 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90061

Clients will come to the Education Resource Center with the intention to:
Use the computer lab to fill out forms to enroll with the Department of Social Services.


Mental Health
Substance abuse


Housing Placement
Food Outreach
Community Gardens: free fresh produce

Additionally, our collaborative events have increased awareness about the causes of youth homelessness and attracted support from volunteers and community stakeholders including the Innovation Incubator at CSU, Dominguez Hills, Inner City Law Center , JFLA Bank ,Western Regional Black Law Student Association, Dysonna City Art Gallery, and other local non-profit organizations.
Established in 2013, Closed Eyes Open Heart recognized the need to provide basic needs and restore the livelihood of nearly 7,000 homeless transitional aged youth who reside in Service Provider Area (SPA) 6 of South Los Angeles. Closed Eyes Open Heart (C.E.O.H.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on a mission to alleviate youth homelessness in SPA 6 and through Los Angeles by enhancing their well-being and long-term lifestyle sustainability. We are committed to implementing innovative and effective programs to treat, educate, and empower transitional aged homeless youth between ages 16 and 24.
With core values of trust, accountability, compassion, integrity, and community, we believe there is power in numbers. Our vision is to develop affordable housing complexes with onsite social service programs and an efficient national conglomerate committed to ending the homeless youth epidemic in Los Angeles by transforming preemptive protocols and providing access to a streamlined network of resources.

Closed Eyes Open Heart is working towards ending the cycles that affect the youths in Los Angeles experiencing homelessness.

We’re always willing to help those we care about when they need an extra hand. And it’s great when they’re willing to help us out and return the favor when we ask. But, what if you are homeless and can’t ask anyone for help because your family and friends have moved on without you or you’re mentally ill and actually can’t ask?

Empowerment Center Program

In-Take and Assessment

Closed Eyes Open Heart aims to engage each new young person in an intake
conversation that orients youth to Closed Eyes Open Heart, shares critical information
about accessing services, and ensures that each Potential Client who walks through our
doors has the greatest opportunity to connect with appropriate resources to address
their unique needs and goals.

Vocational Assistance & Job Sourcing

Through workshops, one-on-one sessions, and more intensive programming, the
Transformative Education Program aims to equip youth with marketable skills,
encourage positive behaviors, teach youth how to connect with resources that improve
their self-sufficiency, and create an alternative way for staff to build rapport with youth
who are reluctant to access more intensive services.


The Education Program at Closed Eyes Open Heart provides youth with creative arts programming, education, and Financial readiness services along with life sustainability skills assistance.

Through one-on-one mentoring sessions and group workshops, the clients are given the opportunity to learn new skills and tools necessary to be successful in their educational journey.

Housing Navigation

CEOH guides clients with their housing needs. Case management and staff work with
clients to assess their housing options. CEOH assists clients with community-based
linkages to housing Emergency, Transitional, and Permanent.


Program Summary

Since 2013, Closed Eyes Open Heart has been assisting and inspiring homeless youth to build self-sufficient lives. From our early beginnings as a volunteer-based group serving meals and handing out hygiene kits and winter clothing and blankets at local churches and shelters, to the dynamic resource center in operation today,


Harm reduction policies, procedures, and practices aim to reduce the negative
consequences of behaviors that are detrimental to the participant’s health and


Homeless Status: Participants must be determined to be homeless (or imminently at risk
of homelessness if facing discharge from an institution)


Bridge Housing provides a safe, Low-barrier, Housing First, housing-focused and
supportive twenty-four (24) hour residence to persons experiencing homelessness.

CEOH’s understands that assisting homeless youth and the community

Resource Databases

WIN is a free mobile and web app designed to connect homeless or resource insecure youth ages 12-25, families and adults to essential services- all accessible without a referral. Developed by Our Children LA with guidance from our region’s unaccompanied youth, WIN users can search a database of over 1800 essential service providers and connect to 12 categories of resources.

Quick access to program information including emergency numbers and contact details.

WIN is capable of featuring real-time bed availability.

WIN offers over 1800 area service providers and programs in 11 search categories: Shelter, Crisis, Food, Drop-In Centers, Health, Legal, Hotlines, Education, Jobs, Transportation, Benefits and More.


CEOH’s mentors are subject matter experts, banking, educators, business owners,
consultants, and current students.

CEOH’s mentoring program offers clients access to mentors in education, finances, life
skills, Entrepreneurship, vocational, and behavioral. A well functioning mentoring
program requires strategic planning and organization to connect people, increase
knowledge, and build skills for future goals and milestones. Our program aims to drive
rich learning and development for mentees.

By introducing youth to new experiences and sharing positive values, mentors can help
young people avoid negative behaviors and achieve success. Youth with mentors have
increased likelihood of going to college, better attitudes toward school, increased social
and emotional development, and improved self-esteem

CEOH Empowerment Center provides a variety of services to ensure that young people’s most immediate needs are met.

( Drop-In Center )

Empowerment Center

The vital services and resources accessed through our Empowerment Center alleviate the demands of survival that often distract youth from participating in activities that support long-term stability and self-sufficiency. Through our staff members take the first steps in building trust with youth while also making appropriate referrals to case management, mental health services, and collaborating service providers.

Intake & Care Specialists


Our CEOH Empowerment Center Counselors and Intake & Care Specialists provide an initial contact of counseling and conversation aimed at engaging youth in opportunities such as health, education, and employment services.

It’s the right thing to do.

We will have close to 200 volunteer shifts on Oct 3 at many locations across Los Angeles. At each location, volunteers will work in shifts, encouraging shoppers to donate to C.E.O.H via in person and online giving. We will provide our volunteers with the tools to succeed – training, C.E.O.H t-shirts and goodies to provide to individuals who donate.

Our Values:




- Our Founder

Total Homeless Transitional Aged Youth in Los Angeles

Substance Abuse

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We have come dangerously close to accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just can’t solve.

Linda Lingle

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